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Parson's Family History

Historical Notes
Descendants of John Parsons 1735
Descendants of Thomas Swinson 1733
Descendants of Scarrott 1768
Descendants of Edward Pratley 1729
Descendants of William Attayate 1315
Romani Gypsy Line
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Historical Notes
Southill Baptisms 1616-1752
Southill Babtisms 1752-1837
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Transcript of John Parson's Will\ Date of Probate 16 May 1811, less than 450
Testator John Parsons of Stoke Climsland, Yeoman
James Parsons Residuary Legatee, son, all the rest residue and remainder of any goods and chattels
John Parsons, son, seventy eight pounds, cancel(?) a note for twenty two pounds
Elizabeth Mason, daughter ten pounds, cancel(?) a book debt for ninety pounds
Thomazine Hawton, daughter ninety pounds, cancel(?) a book debt for ten pounds
Mary Hawton, daughter, one hundred pounds
This gives us Elizabeth's married name, and the probability that the legatees were alive in 1810

Mary Grills Spinster of Southill     Extract of will at CRO 9th January 1730       Land at Landsugle John & Elizabeth Beale and their son Sampson Thomas Williams, Mary William, Joan Williams Witnesses Jenny Grills, Sampson Lucas, Thos Kerswill

Divorce Court File: 1159. Appellant: Albert Edward Parsons. Respondent: Emma Parsons. Co-respondent: John Yates. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [hd]. Covering dates 1886 Availability Open Document, Open Description, Normal Closure before FOI Act: 30 years Held by The National Archives, Kew

Newspaper Articles

Jackson's Oxfordshire Journal
22 Jul 1815 [p.3, col.a]


SATURDAY, July 22.

Saturday last Wm. Pratley, alias Gillett, was committed to our county gaol, charged with beating and wounding George Dumbleton, one of the keepers of Whichwood Forest, and rescuing a prisoner then in the custody of the said George Dumbleton. Benjamin Eeles was committed, at the same time, for assaulting George Dumbleton.

Newspaper Articles

Jackson's Oxfordshire Journal
02 Mar 1816 [p.3, col.a]


SATURDAY, March 2.

William Batts, Henry Bolton, and Wm. Pratley, alias Gillett, charged with having unlawfully and feloniously beat and wounded the said George Dumbleton, and rescuing Benjamin Eeles, then in his lawful custody.

Newspaper Articles

Jackson's Oxfordshire Journal
09 Mar 1816 [p.3, col.b]


Benjamin Eeles, William Batts, Henry Bolton, Wm. Pratley, Samuel Akers, and Thomas Bicester, for assaulting the gamekeepers of Whichwood Forest, were discharged on entering into recognizances to keep the peace for two years.



Parish Register Marriages

18/09/1817 Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England
  William PRATLEY   b of Leafield otp
  Hannah ACRES   sp of Leafield otp
  Witnesses: Richard Pratley, Martha Edden

Parish Register Burials

17/09/1826 Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England William PRATLEY Leafield 38




Newspaper Articles

Witney Gazette
04 Aug 1883 [p.8, col.d]



July 30th

Before the Mayor, (T. Mace, Esq.)

Theft of Jewellery from the "Chequers"

Minnie Pratley, aged 18, of Ramsden hawker, was brought up in custody, charged with having stolen from the Chequers Inn, Chipping Norton, on the 28th July, the property of Annie Freeman, 3 gold rings, 1 gold locket, 1 silver ring, 1 metal locket, 1 chain, 1 brooch, and 2 yards of lace, value 3.

Annie Freeman deposed: I live at the Chequers' Inn with my uncle, William Tyler. On the 27th July, I slept in the house, and Minnie Pratley, the defendant slept with me, and had done so since the previous Tuesday. On Saturday morning I got up first, and went downstairs, leaving Pratley in the bedroom. The articles produced I saw safe in a small box, in a drawer in my bedroom, on Friday afternoon. Pratley came down stairs in about a quarter of an hour after I got up, and after breakfast she left the house. About half past nine I went to the drawer for a handkerchief, when I missed the articles produced. About a quarter to ten o'clock, I started from Chipping Norton with my mother to go to Chadlington and on the road we passed the defendant and her mother. We went to the Sandy's Arms, at Chadlington, and shortly after the defendant and Mrs. Pratley came in. My mother spoke to the defendant in the tap room, and the defendant gave up the articles produced, saying they were all she had, and hoped we would forgive her.

Superintendent Cope applied for a remand in this case also.

Defendant was then formally remanded until Thursday, her father being bound in the sum of 50 for her appearance on that day.

Newspaper Articles

Witney Gazette
11 Aug 1883 [p.8, col.c]



August 2nd

Before the Ex-Mayor (H.C. Wilkins, Esq.) and J.F. Penyston, Esq.

Robbery at the "Chequers."

Minnie Pratley, of Ramsden Heath, hawker, was also brought upon remand, charged with stealing 3 gold rings, 1 gold locket, 1 silver ring, 1 metal locket, 1 chain, 1 brooch, and 2 yards of lace, value 3, the property of Annie Freeman, on July 28th.

Annie Freeman deposed: I reside at the Chequers' Inn with my uncle William Tyler. The prisoner, Minnie Pratley had stayed in the house from Tuesday night till Saturday morning. She slept in my bedroom with me. I last saw the articles produced about half past three on Friday afternoon, the 27th. They were in a box, in a drawer in my bedroom. Neither the drawer nor the box were locked. I missed the articles, about half-past nine on Saturday morning. I had occasion to go to the drawer, and found the things were upset. Pratley had then left the house about an hour. In company with my mother, about a quarter to ten, I started for Chadlington. On the road I went overtook Pratley, but went on to the "Sandy's Arms". In about ten minutes after, prisoner came into the house with her mother, and went into the tap-room. My mother afterwards came, and also went into the tap-room. In about ten minutes I was called in, and there saw the prisoner and her mother, and my mother. The things I had lost were lying on the table. Prisoner said she hoped we would forgive her. My mother took possession of the things, I consider they are worth 3. Information had not been given to the police before we started to Chadlington. The articles produced are those I lost.

Cross-examined: I told you I would forgive you, but said that I did not know whether my uncle would..

Mrs. Smith, Chipping Norton, deposed: I am mother of the last witness, and accompanied my daughter to Chadlington last Saturday. I went into the taproom at the "Sandy's Arms", and there saw the prisoner. Mrs. Pratley asked me if anything was the matter. I said Annie had lost some things from the drawer in her room. She said "I should think not." I then said "Yes, and no one has been there but Minnie." Mrs. Pratley then said to prisoner "Minnie if you have got anything, do give it up; how could you do such a thing." Prisoner hesitated for a minute or two, when her mother repeated the question. Minnie then said she would give it up if I would promise that nothing should be said. I told her I would, so far as I was concerned. She then asked me to go into another room, and prisoner, her mother, and myself went into the parlour, and my daughter was called in. Prisoner pulled the articles out of her pocket, and placed them on the table. The articles produced are the same. Prisoner again asked me that no proceedings should be taken; but I told her I could not promise, as it was not my house from which the things were taken.

Superintendent Cope said: Shortly before 4o'clock on Saturday afternoon last, the previous witness handed me the things produced, with the statement that they had been stolen from a bedroom at the "Chequers", by Minnie Pratley. I then had my trap got ready and went in search of prisoner, and found her at Ramsden Heath her home. I apprehended her, when she said she was tempted to do it, that she had given the things up, and that it could not be helped. I took her to the police station at Chipping Norton.

A previous conviction was handed in, prisoner having been convicted for a similar offence in conjunction with a man named Thornett.

The Bench committed the prisoner for trial at the October Quarter Sessions, but consented to admit her to bail on the recognisances of her father, for 50, and a man named Scarrot, marine store dealer, of Stow-on-the-Wold, in a like amount.

Newspaper Articles

Witney Gazette
20 Oct 1883 [p.8, col.f]



Theft of Jewellery.

Minnie Pratley, of Ramsden, who surrendered to bail, was charged with having at Chipping Norton, on the 28th July last, stolen 3 gold rings, a gold locket, a silver ring, a metal locket, a chain, a brooch, and two yards of lace, the property of Annie Freeman.

The prisoner pleaded guilty. She also pleaded guilty to a conviction for stealing at Southern, in Warwickshire, on the 21st August, 1881.

The Chairman sentenced the prisoner to six month's imprisonment with hard labour.