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Parson's Family History

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Descendants of John Parsons 1735
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Descendants of William Attayate 1315
Romani Gypsy Line
Family Stories
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Southill Baptisms 1616-1752
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Charles Parsons
This first story relates to this picture of him . Charles lived in Lewis Trust Buildings in Fulham,  a very poor area.  The photographer would come around and take photos of the children and the parents would pay a shilling a week.  The photos would be delivered after the final payment was made.  In this case, sadly, Charlie died shortly before the photo was delivered.  When it arrived, Granma Lizzie couldn't bring herself to open it and put it straight into a cupboard, still wrapped in its brown paper packaging.  Several years later, Lizzie went to a spiritualist meeting and Dad clearly remembers her rushing into the bedroom, with her coat still on and taking out the package and opening it.  She had received a message, at the meeting,  from Charlie saying that she needed to get the brown paper parcel from the cupboard and open it. 
Another story told was that when my dad was a toddler, he used to like to grab Charlie's treasured lead soldiers as he played with them.  This obviously irritated Charlie, so when he wasn't using them,  he used to keep them locked in a cupboard so my Dad couldn't get them.  When Charlie died they were kept locked away in the cupboard.  But a message at another spiritualist meeting told Lizzie that she should get the soldiers out and give them to Bob.  They were no use to Charlie now.